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Eat in  Paris French cuisine has succeeded in creating marvelous food by gathering delicious ingredients and producing irresistible taste. The French food is influenced by various cultures, including Spain, Italy, Germany and others, and all these cultures are mixed with the traditional French taste. France is generally famous for its finest cheese and amazing wine which always accompanies food in formal and informal dinner parties. Paris, the capital of France, is the city where you will find both fast food and perfectly-cooked meals along with delightful desserts at glamorous restaurants.

You cannot visit Paris without trying its food at its popular restaurants like the Pierre Hermé restaurant which is famed for its well-created desserts such as the Macaron, Tarte Infiniment Vanille and others. There is also the FTG restaurant opened by the French chef Greg Marchand. It focuses on serving fast food similar to London and New York but in a different way with a French touch that makes it even more delicious. You also need to head to the Holybelly restaurant where you will find homemade food with high-quality ingredients along with good service and pleasant coffee. It is a suitable place for having traditional breakfast since it serves coconut black rice Porridge and bacon pies. In addition, you can stop by a small café called Eggs&Co. which offers all types of egg cooked in a variety of unusual ways. The Twinkie is another restaurant in Paris which is famous for its cozy atmosphere and where you will find a mixture of American, Greek and English dishes, besides French dishes.

If you wish to eat the usual food you are used to eating in your country, especially the Islamic-made meat, you will find a group of restaurants in Paris, including La Table Libanaise restaurant. It is located in the fifth district and serves different kinds of meat, fish, desserts, hot appetizers and more. Al Dar Restaurant is another place where you can eat tasty Moroccan, Tunisian and Algerian food while listening to music and enjoying a relaxing atmosphere. Do not forget eating at the Egyptian restaurant Palmiers du Sinai. It offers delicious Egyptian food like the falafel, eggplant, meat, Moroccan Tajin along with tea with mint. The Nora restaurant is another Lebanese restaurant which contains Eastern and Arabian meals such as tabula, pastry, Kibbeh, desserts and more. It is considered one of the best Arabian restaurants in Paris; it also has elegant decoration and offers excellent service. La Palme Lounge is another restaurant for Halal French food which is owned by a group of Algerian Muslims.

The famous French meals vary in originality which means that you will find some meals admired by the French but are related to other cultures since there are several immigrants like the Falafel. It consists of balls of Chickpeas with pieces of vegetable, tahini and hot sauce. It is eaten mostly in the Jewish Quarter and is served in L'As du Fallafel restaurant. Couscous is one of the favorite meals in Paris, although it is a Moroccan meal. Paris contains the finest croissant you will ever taste in some of the amazing bakeries, therefore, you should not leave Paris without trying it. France is generally famed for its spectacular French cheese with its various types like comté and camembert and others. You must also try the steak frites which is made perfectly in Le Relais de l’Entrecôte restaurant. If you would like to cook something easy and pleasant, you can make the duck confit dish or the coq au vin. The coq au vin is a very popular French dish which consists of chicken cooked with wine, mushrooms, bacon or pork and onions. In addition, there are some famous desserts that you have to taste such as the Profiteroles stuffed with ice-cream and covered with chocolate, the Marnier Souffle which is made of scrambled eggs with orange flavor and a lot others.

Your trip to Paris will not be limited to enjoying its attractions and its interesting boulevards and beaches because you have to spend some time trying its amazing food. You will be fascinated by its delicious dishes as well as its lively atmosphere and its elegant restaurants. Since Paris is the city of diversity, you will find all kinds of meals from a variety of cultures, including Lebanese, Moroccan, Indian and Egyptian together with the French and European food. Therefore, you must not miss tasting this unique collection.



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